The Laying Down

I’m laying down all my religion, I will rejoice in the simple gospel – United Pursuits ‘Simple Gospel’ 

How long before you realise that I don’t want your attempts at religion, I just want relationship, deep and pure with you? How long till you see my simplicity, till you stop over-complicating my love? When will you rejoice and come just as you are; simple, child-like and broken, when will you lay yourself down to me?

Papa speaks, he goes deep into the heart and he whispers like a gentle breeze the truth that brings peace. I wonder to myself, how long have I over-complicated the heart of the gospel, have I found reason to question who God is and what he has done for me, have I disregarded the truth of how he sees me and his plan for me. I know the agonizing answer welling up is ‘always’, there hasn’t been a moment when I have stopped and marveled at the beautiful simple gospel – that He loves me. 

All my focus has been on doing, not on being. It’s been a dwelling on all the things that haven’t, instead of the things that have. It’s been a striving not a resting. And in each moment I do instead of be, in each moment I crumble over the failure instead of the blessing, in each moment I strive instead of rest, I move further from the simple and I create another complication.

Have all those moments really been pushing me further away, instead of drawing me closer? Have I been going wide instead of deep? I know that the still small voice is convicting me of never leaving the surface, of spreading further across it instead of drilling through, of going far down. 

I imagine myself drilling for oil, but only ever going an inch deep, I find nothing because I have penetrated no ground. The beautifully rich oil is found deep under the ground, hidden below the sea beneath layer upon layer of soil and rock. It takes persistent work to find it, to draw it out.

How many layers must we drill through before we reach the rich, nutrients, anointing oil of the Father? How many times must we lay down our religion to have relationship? How many times must we strip back the complications to the simple gospel, must we just run like little children into the wide open arms of a Father who loves us?

I don’t want to hold onto to myself if it means missing out on who my Papa is, of how he loves me, of where he is taking me. I want to lay down my religion, my foolish attempts to climb into his arms and rather be swept up by him. I want to make the choice to daily rejoice in the simple gospel, not the man made complicated one.


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