Desert Times

It’s been 2 months since I last posted, I’m sorry I’ve not written anything. I’ve been going through a rough patch, one of those dry desert droughts, of spiritual emptiness and feeling lifeless.

I’m sure that you know the season I’m talking about, the one where you doubt yourself and who you thought you were, the seasons where it feels like salvation is a distant memory and wonder if the Spirit really does dwell within you.

For me this season has been one where I’ve struggled to find motivation to read my Bible, where prayer has been a scare happening, and my ability to write has been stunted.

But in the midst of the desert He has drawn me to the oasis. He has never left me, his pursuit has been relentless, he has been holding my hand despite the fact I haven’t been able to feel it.

The desert is one of the hardest seasons to trudge through, but I’m learning that every season is a beautiful gift from God, for learning and growing and no season should ever be resented.

Someone told me recently; ‘you can’t enjoy the spring until winter has been’. And I’m experiencing more and more that this is true. I’m beginning to see the frost melt and the sun break through the clouds, one day soon the flowers will bloom, and the trees will be green again.

If you’ve been through the desert, or you’re lost there at the moment, know this: He is always with you, always for you and always working for your good. His love is relentless, he simply cannot help but pursue you.






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