When the dream begins to become reality

A few days after my last post, the love of my life asked me a question that I think every girl spends years waiting to hear. The question was 4 short words, but they changed my life in every way. Yes, Matt asked me to marry him.
The dream of being engaged, and soon married is one that is finally becoming a reality.

And yet, despite the wait for that question to be asked, life hasn’t become magically rich and rosy. Things are still hard, I’m still waiting – just for different things, friends still hurt me, people still suffer, I still feel discontent, distant, distracted. The enemy is still at work, and Jesus hasn’t returned.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is that 4 little words and 1 question doesn’t change the bigger picture of the world. Yes, my life will look different. I get to be Mrs Archer instead of Miss Davies, and I get to live life with someone else instead of by myself. But my world is still full of the pain and brokenness of sin, and I am still waiting for the day when Jesus returns and brings the glory of the New Heavens and New Earth.

Don’t lose track of the things that really matter, it’s not about the questions of this life. It’s all about the King on the Throne, who one day will return and bring with him a glorious new kingdom. There will be the perfect marriage between the Lord of All and his Bride the Church.

Fix your eyes on the greater things, and hold on hope as we wait in this life for the one to come.


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