The moments when your true identity matters most

I applied for a promotion at work recently. I didn’t even get an interview. It sucked.

Want to know the first thing my oh so human brain said to me: It’s because you’re not good enough. I couldn’t stop myself, it just came out. I began to think of all the reasons why I hadn’t been offered an interview, why my application wasn’t good enough, what skills I lacked in my job and as a person, I began to doubt all the things I know my manager loves about me and to question whether I was even good enough for the job I was in. I second guessed myself and got full with doubt.

And then, I stopped. I sat back and I remembered: my identity doesn’t rest in whether I get an interview for a promotion, or in my ability to impress on an application form. It doesn’t rest on how well I do work each day, how much money I make the company, how many people comment on how professional I might be.

No, my identity rests solely on who Jesus says I am. 

And he calls me beautiful, beloved, most precious child. He tells me that I have been made righteous, that I am chosen and that I am worth him giving his life for me. He speaks over me in every moment of every day (even when I forget), that I am a success, that he is proud of me. I don’t need to achieve in this world, why, because Jesus achieved everything for me on the Cross.

In HIM, and in him alone is where my identity rests. Knowing that in all things I stand clothed in his glory, satisfied fully, restored and righteous.

It’s in the moments where your human heart says that you aren’t worth it because you fail to reach the world’s standards of success that knowing your true identity matters the most. He judges not by what we achieve, but on whether we are washed by his blood. Don’t strive to achieve except to SEEK HIM and KNOW HIM, and LOVE HIM with all we have. 


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