2017: what does it hold

In my quiet times these past days I have been asking the Lord what he wants for me this year, where he wants to take me, what he wants to teach me and change in me, how he wants me to grow. One word has dwelt deep in me, like an aching feeling and I know it is his still small voice telling me that 2017 will be a year of discipline. 

I made the radical and crazy decision that this April I would run a marathon, it’s going to be a hard few months as I put in the daily discipline to exercise, eat healthy and train hard so I’m fit and prepared for my run. But I know as I enter this season that it will be worth every ounce of pain, the blisters, aching muscles and early mornings when I cross that finish line having completed the race.

As 2017 begins, I feel the Lord say that this year will be a spiritual marathon. It’s going to be long, at times so hard I’ll want to give up and oh so tiring. But I know too that he will use this time to train me, teach me and challenge me to lean on him. In the same way that my marathon training requires discipline so my walk with the Lord will too. And it’s in the act of being disciplined, of giving up my mornings, of spending time in his word and getting lost in prayer that the growth happens and the change takes place. It’s in choosing to seek Him over all else that he builds the stamina to run hard and far in the spiritual race, even when it hurts and you want to give up. 

I don’t know what the Lord has in store for me this year, but I know that I can trust him that it will be for my best and for his glory. As I practice spiritual discipline this year I know it stands me in the best possible place to run with all I have the race set before me in Christ Jesus. I want to know this year that when I reach the finish line at the end of my days the Father will look down at me and declare “well done good and faithful servant”.

My challenge to you as this year begins is are you prepared for the spiritual marathon of life, do you have a training plan in place to help you grow in Godliness and Holiness this year, are you seeking Him above all else? If not, why not join me in making 2017 a year of discipline and allow God to create in you a heart that can withhold the pain and struggle of a marathon journey to the finish line at heaven’s gates.


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