For the One whose name is higher than them all

Oh to stand before the King of Kings,

the one whose hand placed stars into the blackness of the sky,

who shaped the moon in all forms.

 To be in the presence of the one who holds the sun and calls it to rise,

what words could describe the glory of all you have made.

Yet greater than the glory of the earthly creation is Him whose name is Jesus.

Whose name is used to curse and shame yet through the years the only name a constant remains, for his name is the one above all things which cannot fade or change.

Oh what it is to call out the name that saves,

to declare him friend,

the one who laid down all the might and power of heaven

to take the weight of wooden cross upon his shoulder

and hang in agony till the very darkness he created took him for its own.

What can I do but fall broken at the foot of the cross that gives me life

and lift up empty hands to be filled

with all the riches that his blood stained body has given for me

May I never lose the wonder of the miracle Hill

where life poured out everything to make me whole

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